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AILA CLIL ReN Cafés in Covid-19 times #1: CLIL and ICT (27 November, 3-4pm CET)

Given the impossibility of organizing physical seminars and events due to the pandemic, we have planned to organize 3 online “Cafés” on each of the three different themes of the ReN for the present period: ICT, subject literacies, and equity. The purpose of these Cafés is to stimulate discussion leading to the AILA conference in The Netherlands, which we very much hope will take place physically.

The first café will focus on ICT and take place in 27 November, 3-4pm CET. Moderated by Letizia Cinganotto (INDIRE - Università Telematica degli Studi IUL, Italy; AILA CLIL-REN Co-convenor), it will feature panelists Greg Kessler (Ohio University, USA), Vance Stevens (Learning2gether.net, Malaysia), Nik Peachey (PeacheyPublications, UK), and Nicky Hockly (The Consultants-E, UK).

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