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Just out: CLIL and bilingual education in the Netherlands (Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics, Spe

The Winter 2018 edition of the Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics (DuJAL) is now out, dedicated to research into the processes and outcomes of CLIL and bilingual secondary education (tweetalig onderwijs – or tto) in the context of the Netherlands. Now entering its 30th year, Dutch bilingual education continues to thrive in terms of both practice and research.

This Special Issue, edited by Dr Tessa Mearns (Leiden University) and Professor Rick de Graaff (Utrecht University), highlights the breadth and depth of current research in this area, while also exploring the relationship between theory and practice. In his role as external discussant, Professor Dominik Rumlich (University of Paderborn) reflects on the contributions and on possible research directions for the future.

The Special Issue is available at

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