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AILA 2020 CLIL related Call for Papers - 16 Sept 2019 (9-14 August 2020, Groningen, the Netherlands)

The AILA2020 call for papers is currently open through to 16 Sept 2019.

The CLIL ReN Sympoisum is “CLIL Pedagogy and Greater Fairness, Equity and Inclusion”. This ReN symposium explores how CLIL might have the potential to contribute to greater equity and access to quality educational provision, with attention to the integrated learning of languages and content.

In addition, nine other symposia (below) also explore other specific issues related CLIL. All of these, including the ReN symposium, have an open call for papers through to 16 September. Please submit proposals via if you have research to share — it should be an exciting congress!

ReN: CLIL Pedagogy and Greater Fairness, Equity and Inclusion

Llinares, Spain

Cross, Australia

Cinganotto, Italy

English medium education in multilingual university settings: From research to policies

Smit, Austria Dafouz, Spain

Building Disciplinary Literacies in CLIL

Huettner, Austria

Dalton-Puffer, Austria

CLIL for all? Catering to diversity in bilingual education

Pérez-Cañado, Spain

San Isidro Agrelo, United Kingdom

Language learning through language content: Rediscovering our subject

Le Bruyn, The Netherlands

Mearns, The Netherlands

Multilingualism in European education

Günther-van der Meij, The Netherlands

Duarte, The Netherlands

Reconceptualizing the role of subject area teachers in second language literacy development

Hajer, The Netherlands

Iversen Kulbrandstad, Norway

The dynamics and challenges of teacher education for immersion and CLIL contexts: Preparing teachers to integrate language and content

Tedick, United States of America

Fielding, Australia

The fifth C: CLIL principles and practices in local contexts

Mearns, The Netherlands

Surmont, Belgium

Variables affecting foreign language acquisition in bilingual programs

Kersten, Germany

Steinlen, Germany

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